Saturday, September 15, 2012

Summer of '12 in a Nutshell

 To start the summer out, I went to Moab with work.
 There were lots of chinese tourists, but I actually got a few shots without any of them in them, somehow. :) 
We did a hike called Negro Bill Canyon, it was pretty hot but had a few cool spots by the river.
 This lookout is at the end of Klondike Bluffs mtn bike ride. 
 The view from near dead horse point. The scenery looks great, I do not. (but i was on the clock...) :)
 This is similar to what it would look like if i moved to south ogden- one white and lots of brown.
 Enough said.
The Mullet was ressurected, but only for a while.
 We were able to go to Temple Square this summer too.
 Nicole enjoying the flowers and looking good, as always.
 Hunter S. Thompson and the water shy cowboy. Best buds. Once again, we're getting paid for this.
 Running Ragnar. This was my last leg- running up the back side of Deer Valley ski resort. 
During Dark Hollow mtn bike trail near Brian Head with work on our Zion trip.
 Fat man's misery up by the "dixie."
 My favorite ride in the world- Goosebury Mesa!
 Having some experimental fun with the Lewiston fireworks on 4th of July.
 More fun.
Backpacking the West Rim trail in Zion with the one and only, Zach Tuttle.
One of the viepints on the West Rim.
 Zach and I caught this little guy doing his vocal warmups. And yes, he IS real.
 This was the morning (and a good start) of our Jackson Hole trip for work.
 This is Periodic Springs.
 The Grand Tetons.
We saw this guy just chillin, him and his friend on his back.
 I got invited on a quick trip to Havasupai with some friends. This is a sunset somewhere in Arizona on the way there.
 One of the falls in Havasupai- I think this is Mooney Falls.
 When everyone had gone ahead, I saw this guy just kickin it in the shade and grubbin...
The view from the top of the hill after we hiked out.
We actually hiked in and out in the middle of the night, so we didn't get to experience the switchbacks in 105 degree weather.
 Bec and Ang brought the kids up Logan way and we had a blast! And sorry again Bec for the bombshell pizza...
 Here is Nicole enjoying Bear Lake. We got to go a few times this year.
 We had a situation where our raft got seized by an intruder.
 J.J. during his first Half Ironman.
Josh during his first Half Ironman.
Since I was planning on 6 hours, I was elated when I ended up getting 5:01! 2nd in my age group and 12th overall- done and over with. Nicole and her family were nice enough to come watch me.

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